Science in the Bathroom

I woke up to a smell that reminded me of sick cats.  It works better than an alarm to get me out of bed.  Nothing in the floor.  Nothing on the bed.  Nothing in the litter box in the bathroom.

But that smell!

Nothing in the living room or kitchen.  In fact, the farther from the bathroom, the weaker the smell.

I would have found it sooner if my vanity weren’t so cluttered.  What I took to be cat sickness turned out to be an explosion.

I bought the bottle of fish poop fertilizer from a local fish farm.  The plastic bottle was bulging when I picked it up from my Oklahoma Food Coop pickup site, but I didn’t think anything about it until I realized that the poopy mess that coated a dozen things on my vanity came from a split in the side of the bottle.

Don’t judge me for keeping fertilizer in the bathroom.  If you are a farmer and a prepper, chances are you have things in strange places—like the galvanized tubs of rice and beans beneath the baby grand…in the bedroom.

So, did methane from the fish poop cause the explosion?  Has anyone else had experience with exploding fish poop fertilizer?

One more question: What gets you out of bed at 6:00 AM on Sunday morning?

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