Corny? Yeah, but what else do you call it when you have questions about eggs that must be answered.

It’s a fact that chickens lay better at some times than they do at others. Light makes a difference. My girls lay well during the coldest time of the year because they have 24 hours a day of red heat-lamp light. I get eggs during the long days of summer if it doesn’t get too hot and if the bull snakes don’t get to the eggs first.

When times are good, I have a surplus of eggs. Can I preserve some for when I don’t have enough?

Today, I slightly beat two large eggs and poured them into one of those single-serve sauce containers. I slightly beat three bantam eggs and poured them into another container. The amounts are roughly the same. Either will be just right for one pumpkin pie or for any recipe calling for two eggs.

What will be their consistency when they thaw?

Will they cook in the same way as eggs that weren’t frozen?

Also today I put three hardboiled eggs into a freezer container. In about a week, I’ll take out one of them, thaw it for a day, and eat it. If it takes longer to thaw, I’ll know that after I peel and cut the first one.

Can we dehydrate hardboiled egg slices?

That’s an eggsperiment for another day.

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