Time or Money

We’ve been here on the banks of Dry Creek for more than ten years. We aren’t self-sufficient by any stretch, but we aren’t helpless, either.

We have skills.  Dale doesn’t like to work on the plumbing, but he knows how. He’s good with anything electrical. He has built a house.  I can roof, lay flooring, do drywall, and paint. Together, we are a fence-building team.

We’re frugal people. A friend gave us an 8 x 10 shed that we turned into a chicken coop. The window was once a cabinet door. The only thing we bought new was fencing for the run.

Dale is always on the lookout for scrap wood and bargains. He built beautiful pieces of furniture from old oak trees grown on the place.

I buy more food than I grow, as much as possible from local farmers. I freeze, dehydrate, and can. And I recognize the privilege that is mine to do so, the privilege that comes with a job and a paycheck. The soil here is hard clay. We’ve hauled in trailer loads of dirt. We’ve built outbuildings and acres of fences.

It would have been cheaper to buy all our food. But it would have been at the expense of an education.

Building garden soil takes either time or money. So does learning how to homestead. A person could starve without one or the other.

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